Our tools use the latest methods and tools that have been tested successfully in our region. We know that our solution works and are proud of the success of the projects where we used.

Identity-based e-mail security system

Reflexion constitutes a new dimension in identity-based e-mail security system. It will not only help you fight against the common spam and phishing problems, but also provide accurate, permanent and easy to implement protection against the plague of all other e-mail security problems. Reflexion's identity-based e-mail security solution uses supplemental addresses to fight e-mail security problems. Its new approach guarantees a 100% SPAM relief avoiding the problem of false positives and since bogus messages never arrive at your server it saves your bandwidth. Reflexion’s architecture also protects e-mail servers from DoS volume-based and DHA attacks. Competing tools fight primarily only SPAM utilizing dictionaries that require constant updating and only filter messages in English (language specific): Reflexion is language independent. Some other unique characteristics that can not be found on competing solutions: Storage of in-bound messages in case of e-mail server failures, forensic analysis of message sharing & address patterns and it offers a two level of defense against e-mail borne viruses. Simple is better, Reflexion is a simple solution for a very complex problem!

Customer Service Platform

You cannot allow your customers to bounce from one representative to another while trying to obtain the desired service. All your employees must, without exception, be familiarized with all your client files, in an environment with adequate security controls and organizational hierarchy. Starting with who serviced the client, where he proceeded to, what was done and, last of all, evidencing customer satisfaction or the clients’ suggestions for improvement. Our platform will bring your dusty process manuals to life by helping you transform your processes – through the implementation process – into effective actions and eliminating redundancy.

Performance Management

In your company, objectives and goals were set, complete strategic planning process performed and all this material has been well filed by your employees. This system allows you to graphically view your company’s progress, no matter what discipline was used, to determine the key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics. It controls the proposed initiatives to improve each KPI, focusing and boosting your organization in the strategic plan you have created.

Remote Resource Management

Automates the launching of new system platforms. Assists in managing geographically dispersed environments. This is a Web- based platform that allows you to remotely manage the critical performance of the devices that are managed. You will be able to perform flash upgrades, deploy OS (install or reinstall), apply security patches or updates, disaster recovery with a click of the mouse or uninstall applications to take maximum advantage of your software licenses. It supports a great range of platforms: desktops, mobile devices and servers, as well as next generation devices such as smart cellular phones, embedded vehicle systems, and consumer set-top boxes.

Transportation System

The challenge of providing transportation service seems easy enough. How do you create logical and precise routs to fulfill your business objectives? Can you reduce route-planning time without reducing the effectiveness of the process? With Roadshow you will have greater visibility and will be able to enhance planning. You will be able to distribute and plan your sales territories better to save on distribution costs.

Internet Effectiveness

As new communications technologies are developed, it is important for your business to be ready to take advantage of these changes. As WSI Partners, we offer much more than a Website – a complete and effective solution: consulting, design, development, hosting, optimization, registration, connectivity monitoring, training and web marketing support. A packaged service tailored for your unique requirements, using common sense and pragmatism; designed to ensure your return on investment.


An alternative to increase your Human Capital’s level of knowledge at the lowest cost and with the greatest efficiency. The integrated solution includes thousands of pre-designed courses (negotiation, communication, Microsoft Office, SAP and others). If you need to create the course allow our professionals to turn your experts’ knowledge into educational content. We provide a practical solution letting you develop critical work competencies with the proper follow-up.. This system uses global IMS and SCORM training standards.


We Manage Your Cloud, So You Can Manage Your Business Lots of companies will rent you access to raw computing Their infrastructure. But your cloud does not operate on infrastructure alone. It takes a wide variety of specialized engineering skills to architect and manage not only the infrastructure, but Also the many complex tools and applications run on top of That it, Including the latest data engines and e - commerce platforms. With other providers, that's your responsibility. But we do things differently at Rackspace. We are the number one company managed cloud. Everything we offer is managed. That's Because We Believe: Uptime and redundancy are shared Responsibilities, rather than a burden for the customer alone. Economies of scale are nice - but economies of expertise are even more valuable. The highest performance and cost-efficiency When you combine eating specialized expertise and infrastructure With the exceptional customer service we call That Fanatical Support ®. Every customer Should Have Easy Access to engineers-by phone, chat, or email, 24x7x365-to help with planning, architecting, building, and operations. Most big providers offer only multi-tenant public cloud. They argue That one size fits all. We disagree. We think you deserve the best fit for your unique IT needs, across multi-tenant and single-tenant platforms, in your data center or ours. That's what you get from Rackspace, a leader in hybrid cloud solutions. We back our managed cloud With an industry-leading 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Our approach is designed to keep you up and running fast and lean-so you can focus on hiring only the engineers will differentiate your business WHO.