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Our Company

Be recognized as the best in raising our customers a higher level of performance.
Help our customers increase their value and improve its competitive position.
Our Enduring Values:
  • Quality is not negotiable.
  • Ethical and moral standards strict.
  • Positive and significant impact on performance and profitability of our customers.
  • Analysis and objective recommendations.
  • Justice and equity with our customers, employees and relationships business.
  • Strict Confidentiality.
  • Development and ongoing training.
Our Values Explained:
We are consultants that commit to ventures with uncommon potential, provided our expertise in unraveling the business' capacity for growth and inherent return on investment.

We turn into world class businesses success: regional agile companies that set the pace in the market. We Encourage strategic alliances to create economies super-symbolic made up of small operating units. We Ensure That our customers use proven best practices to Achieve earnings quality and Increase shareholder value. We Pursue wisdom, more information, more knowledge, more power, more earnings.

Special attention is directed towards flexibility, speed of change and new products; Achieved through the combination of core Appropriate Processes and technology.High quality IMPLIES efficiency and effectiveness - using up the fewest power resources to Achieve a goal.

We strive to accomplish to landscape each single organization Where is fostered to take decisions and Contribute to the company's Objectives in whole.HENCE creating a sense of fulfillment through all organizational layers and reinforcing it through performance management tuned to Achieve Strategic Objectives.



Bernhard Haidacher

Managing Partner

Fabri-K founder of comprehensive consulting concept taking customer hand taking him from diagnosis to implementation. This concept was refined through strategic planning and creating customer feedback enactment enabling to provide a broader and more complete service. His experience includes complete change processes, starting with strategic planning through financial evaluation, operational and financial simulation, project management and change management. He has covered wide range of areas within the consulting arm, seeking increase the value of helping companies become more efficient and making better decisions. The area of processes and best practices is your passion, like quantified in monetary terms the impact of changes contrasting revenues against expenses, especially in organizational changes that are difficult quantify.


Facilitate geographic resources to Central American entrepreneurs: information, technology and processes to help them successfully achieve their goals through: Vectoring / Extracting Characteristics, location Client / Points, Thematic Maps, Surveys - GPS, font conversion and integration, outsourcing from international sources and interactive maps for Internet.

Info@global is a multidisciplinary company focused on satisfying needs of market information, using technology tools. It offers all kinds of market research, specializing in customer service and consumer behavior, qualitative and continuous programs leading to benchmarking of customer products and competence. Unknown film used for a better experience of the service experience. Some of the studies performed: Video Mystery Shopper, Consumer Behavior Monitor, Shopping Behavior Monitor, Monitorings Telephone, Continuous Tracking Program Brand, Advertising Program Impact Outdoors, staff training programs, focus groups and studies in general.

LetArte is dedicated to the visual part of its customers, including:
● graphic design printed materials
● advertising Photography
● 3D Views

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, it strives to detail resulting in a resounding customer satisfaction. Your customers always feel confident that the result will be based on your ideas and needs, which is achieved through a personalized European design is reflected in the accuracy, accountability and compliance on every job.European design is reflected in the accuracy, accountability and compliance on every job.

IBA specializes in corporate training. They work with their clients to achieve the common goal of excellence in profitability and economic growth. They are dedicated to helping its customers succeed in both the personal development of each individual as well as in their careers and of course business goals through training and education specially developed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Business Development Group (BDG) are specialists in integrating transactional systems with secure platforms to Internet. His experience is extensive focusing on platforms for handling payments for banking services, cash management, remittance management and customer service systems, provided through a Web platform. His work with the banking union has made security experts for the systems they build. Another of his great skills is integration with telephony systems to profitable investments in call centers and document management solutions through digitization.


1Franz Haidacher
Consultant Senior- Pricing Associate
Exceptionally talented in the analysis of data structure for analysis. Expert pricing models. He has developed pricing models for Exxonmobil Central America and Caribbean, USA and Europe.
2Fernando Mazariegos
Senior Consultant - Marketing Georeferenced Associate
Associate enactment enabling and area manager georeferenced market studies. Lover of mathematics, logic and statistics, using these disciplines to provide clients valuable analytical information to focus its resources on initiatives with greatest potential. Expert analysis of locations for stores, warehouses, housing projects and shopping centers. Geomarketing specialist, multivariate analysis (segmentation / market structure). Consulting and integration of location information, real estate and CRM. Coverage Central counting among its projects to: Poma Group (regional), Concepción County (Guatemala), El Naranjo (Guatemala) and Cayalá (Guatemala), Desola (El Salvador) Group.
3Carlos Roberto Ponciano
With over 20 years of solid experience in the areas of Operations, Logistics and Systems.has experience in distribution and inventory control in Guatemala, Mexico and USA. He is passionate about the systems with an investigative and analytical spirit.
4César E. A. Quan
Senior Consultant - Technology and Communications
Senior Technology Consultant and IT Strategy. Partner and fundamental to the concept of integrated consulting customer taking hand taking him from diagnosis to implementation part. His specialty is the visualization of information technology IT on a wider point of view, leaving the common environment most systems engineers, where the raison d'etre are the systems as such and taking the perspective that these today days, are just another tool to achieve organizational goal: "profit". It has special talent to identify the invisible and make it invisible regarding the use of information system. It has extensive knowledge of administrative processes and extensive experience in guiding them towards the concept of the value chain. Within its scope has extensive knowledge of production processes, fundamentándolos on the new theory of constraints and is aware of the processes of civil and electrical engineering.
5Manfredo Ramirez
Senior- Consultant Logistics Consultant
Market Intelligence Specialist, Distribution Systems, Geomarketing, Georeferenced Information Survey and Development of Digital Mapping in the Region Puebla - Panama. Expert with extensive experience in logistics and howreach markets with a good distribution system. Among its clients are several breweries in the region, beverage distributors and consumer goods.
6Luis A. Vettorazzi
Senior- Business Intelligence Consultant
Associate Consultant since 2005 for the area Business Intelligence. Internationally recognized professional prestige, absolute confidence and accessible, which has extensive experience in their field and actively participate in online communities to share their knowledge and experience. Expert in the area of systematization and automation with emphasis on the areas of planning, finance and sales. Expert decision making models and strategic analysis including Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Balanced Scorecards and Data Quality processes.
7Patrick Waldner
Senior Consultant - Strategy and Projects
Senior consultant focusing on strategy and project management. His experience includes Conglomerate diversification processes, starting with the formulation of the mission and vision,shape through scenario planning and analysis based business environment strategic alternatives. This is done through a planning business units, operational planning and financial modeling and implementation. His knowledge of various industries and functional areas allow you develop comprehensive concepts that help increase specific competitive factors of a company. Area planning and structuring is your passion, has a very graphic way of thinking and like teamwork as tool to achieve business goals.