Facultare has served large companies at regional level as well as small at local level. All our clients share a common factor: The need to develop strategic projects that have to remain on track, implemented on schedule and on a fixed budget. We have successfully satisfied our clients’ needs, therefore achieved repeat business on more than one occasion.

Leading concrete manufacturer and concrete laying company

Managing the development of a strategic plan and seeking a tool to support the company’s strategy. We developed a business case to measure the financial impact of the potential tools and defining the profitable investment. Selecting the ERP, negotiating contracts with savings of over hundreds of thousands of dollars and coordinating the project, accompanying the procedure until it was successfully implemented.

Largest mattress and sleep product manufacturer

Developing a business case to analyze the company’s situation and opportunities to implement an ERP. We analyzed their technological status, defining the impact and benefits of an ERP, establishing the maximum profitable investment.

The most complete department store for technology, music, home and entertainment

Establishing their strategic plan for the next 15 years, in conjunction with their family-business governance plan. We selected an information technology platform to support their strategy and developed a business case to measure the bottom line impact of the new technology defining the investment’s profitability and return. This selection process included contract negotiations, general project coordination and accompanying implementation until successful.

Project for the production of dairy products using traditional methods

Financial Feasibility Study to determine the achievability of the project and develop a strategic plan to carry out the project. Software selection (ERP) and technological infrastructure design including communications. Implementation quality assurance follow-up and certification of IT installations.

Salvadoran company offering fine wooden jewelry cases, focused on the North American and European markets

Developing a business plan to implement an e-commerce business. This job included adapting manufacturing processes, developing a marketing plan, selecting business partners and directing the development and implementation of the strategy. This became is what is known as Signature Woods, Inc.

Real estate developers

Developing a business plan for the New City of Cayal·. The surroundings were evaluated to provide a self-analysis to determine the scope and strategy of the new urban mega project. The work included risk analysis and financial forecasts.

Vehicle security system provider

Developing a strategic plan and performing the follow-up of its implementation. Helping in general management issues of the company and guest members of the Board of Directors.

Predictive financial model

Creating a quotation tool for fire insurance taking into account local insurance business parameters . We were able to show that the local insurance industry was losing money and helped perform a general adjustment in Guatemala. Implementing a Balanced Scorecard, a performance management system.

Business process mapping of their information systems

We mapped the interaction of the various systems and sub-systems. We evaluated the model concept, interface between modules, data base design and applied processes to determine the gap to produce business intelligence information. We established the time required and needed resources to close this gap.