Strategic Services

We are a management consulting firm. We create value making sure you have the strategy, infrastructure, processes and optimal technology to achieve their goals and vision.

Strategic planning: A good competitive strategy is implementable and participatory. It requires continuous monitoring and periodic review. Enactment enabling helps guide their strategic planning processes through a methodology based on best business practices.

Business Plans: A strategic plan must be converted into an operational work plan. We ensure to fulfill its mission helping you develop business plans focused on compliance with its strategic plan. Business plans include the operational aspects and the roadmap for your company, which will provide adequate follow up to its executives based on an effective implementation of their strategic plans.

Valuation of Companies and Projects: When you need to know the value of your company, your brand or a specific project for positions of advantage in negotiations, we develop a financial model that is complemented by statistical simulations. Using the Monte Carlo method determine those variables that are risky, transforming uncertainty into a value that will allow you to make better decisions: total exposure to potential loss and probability of occurrence thereof.
Feasibility studies: When your company will make an investment is important know in advance the impact this will have on your company through a quantification of the costs and benefits generated by the investment. Enactment enabling helps you define the investment strategy and optimize the investment amount according to expected returns. The result of the study determine the feasibility of your project or investment. We specialize in defining the ROI of technology projects.

Market Research: As every effort increasingly costs more in terms of money and opportunity cost, know your customer and know where you are is very important. Enactment enabling helps you better know your customer and sellers to take their place where the sale originates. We offer qualitative market research (focus groups) and quantitative, to help you better focus their efforts. Through one of our strategic partners provide demographic information in cartography (GIS - Geographical Information System). A comprehensive solution to see if your product is suitable for the market and how reach the market.

Tactical Services

We are experts in processing business.offer a holistic methodology and process oriented consulting, through a wide range of comprehensive consulting services. A chain is as strong as its weakest link; when evaluating a company as a whole, it allows us increase sales and profits minimizing local efficiencies and emphasizing the overall production capacity (throughput).

Management Software Selection: The selection of technological tools often turns be a dark and difficult to understand process. We know how it impact, using a methodical process and goal will help you clear all your doubts choosing together the tool that best supports its strategy and to provide greater return on your investment.

Technology Plans: At the beginning of the history of the department, it was located hierarchically below the counter. Today attending accounting is less relevant and better cover function. Its importance is well selected strategic and operational platform with a suitable plan optimize their resources and allow you to maximize the return on your investment. Enactment enabling will help you develop a technology plan that minimizes the use of economic resources focusing not only on the short, but in the long run. (Microsoft partner ID 664713).

Integration Projects: Managing daily strategic projects can not put your organization head, for the defocusing of its operations and daily activities. Enactment enabling helps you giving your experience in integration projects, from the stage of conceptualization and definition of the strategy, through the selection and recruitment of business partners and allies, to project management. Throughout Entire project we dealthe schedule, risk management and budget control.
Mapping and Redesign project: We help you refocus your processes to ensure that internal business processes are developed with greater efficiency and at lowest possible cost, eliminating redundant processes or those that do not add value to your operation. The impact it has had on our customers process redesign is perceived through better able to serve the market, the effect which in most cases has meant a direct benefit to the bottom line.

Process simulations: Making changes in a production line or in an ongoing process is extremely expensive. We will elaborate a computer simulation that modeled based on statistical process control measurements. We tried different alternatives proposed without interrupting your work. After determining the most suitable configuration we help you implement.

Change Management: We help you manage change in your organization. We look the forces of change and manage the dynamics of change identifying affected individuals and groups to work with them. We determine the willingness to change and work in workshops to develop leadership change. In the work of communication that takes place from the beginning it sought consensus for all apadrinen the project.